Saturday, April 30, 2011

April in Canada

Hello everyone:

Well, April is almost gone and it's still cold here but today it's not snowing and that's a start!  We don't really get spring and autumn up here in the Interior of BC - we just get summer and winter - winter starts around mid to end October and as it was still snowing on and off last week, I guess April's out.......but the snow has melted from my front lawn and I only have a little bit left in the back garden, so am looking forward to the time when I can plant some new bedding plants.  Am going for creeping thyme in the pet garden as it doesn't need mowing!  But will still provide something nice and green for the cats and dog to walk on and lie on - I'm hoping they don't pee on it!  But whatever!  Something green will be great.  Have been having a bash at more writing - am learning lots all the time.  Just read a blog called 'witchway' and it is very helpful indeed.  The author lives in Ilfracombe, North Devon, which is where I lived once.....small world, eh! 

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