Saturday, April 30, 2011

April in Canada

Hello everyone:

Well, April is almost gone and it's still cold here but today it's not snowing and that's a start!  We don't really get spring and autumn up here in the Interior of BC - we just get summer and winter - winter starts around mid to end October and as it was still snowing on and off last week, I guess April's out.......but the snow has melted from my front lawn and I only have a little bit left in the back garden, so am looking forward to the time when I can plant some new bedding plants.  Am going for creeping thyme in the pet garden as it doesn't need mowing!  But will still provide something nice and green for the cats and dog to walk on and lie on - I'm hoping they don't pee on it!  But whatever!  Something green will be great.  Have been having a bash at more writing - am learning lots all the time.  Just read a blog called 'witchway' and it is very helpful indeed.  The author lives in Ilfracombe, North Devon, which is where I lived once.....small world, eh! 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is real and what is not?

So, what is real and what is not?
If seeing is believing
What we can't see, does not exist
Our sight can be deceiving

We see in third dimension way
That's dangerous you know
For there's much more around us all
'They'd' like themselves to show

I challenge you, this world has much
To teach you, even now
We see what we're prepared to see
What earthly minds allow

And once we come to realize
Our lives we self create
We open up to Higher Self
And learn to meditate

The more we learn, the less we know
That's progress in itself
Our ego must be held in check
Then we will find our worth

We are complete, each one of us
Our true selves know it all
So we must go within ourselves
To hear our spirit's call

Sit quietly, and do not think
Allow your mind to still
And wait for sources from above
With wisdom, minds to fill

A quiet, empty, vessel gives
Our Angels and our Source
The time to give us faith and hope
To help us run our course

So never think you're all alone
You've Angels by your side
They're waiting till you ask for help
Yes, they with you abide!

Express your feelings carefully
We get what we give out
Our feelings and our thoughts create
That's what life's all about

When happy thoughts, your life create
More happy things arrive
When sorrow is your earthly cloak
More sorrow will abide

So dwell on this, my earthly friend
Your future's in your hand
It can be bright, or full of care
Your life's yours to command.

V.E. Hall (c)
January 2011

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sorry no posts lately!

Hello friends
Just want to update you - sorry there's been no posts for a while, I've been busy writing a book.  I'll keep you posted!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is Devon Heaven?

Is Devon Heaven?
Or is it just heavenly?
This depends on you....

If you're seeking
A quiet country lane
A view of the sea
A sandy shore
Then go visit Devon

If you're seeking
Country pubs and home cooked food
And waves where you can surf
Then go visit Devon

If you're seeking
Farmers' markets
Antiques and crafts
And really good bakeries
Then go visit Devon

If you're seeking
Diverse scenery
Some windswept and wild
Some charmingly ordered
Then go visit Devon

You'll be thinking now
The author loves Devon
And the answer is sure
For me, Devon IS Heaven!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall in Logan Lake

Fall is coming a little earlier this year
The rain falls, steady and cold
And creates a white mist in the mountains
And the chill seeps into my bones

I close the windows and turn up
The thermostat for our fireplace
And it clicks on, flames shooting upwards
And sending out welcoming, radiant, heat

My old cat, Henry, moves to the rug
In front of the fireplace
And settles down for a comfortable snooze
Phoebe moves to the pet bed near the fireplace
And smiles as she snuggles
Into the warmth of the pet bedding
Encompassed in the radiant heat

Gradually the other cats come in to join us
Leaving the wet ground in the pet garden
And abandoning the mouse-watch area
In return for a snooze in our warm and cozy living room

The garage has been cleaned out
And the Jeep sleeps in there once more each night
The garden tools have been brought inside
And the watering hoses disconnected
Ready for their winter's hibernation

Stews and casseroles are now on the menu once again
To almost completely replace the salads and the quiches
Comfort food is called for
Warm, tasty, and satisfying to the body and the soul

Winter will soon be here, I can feel its approach
And we'll be ready for it when it comes
Snow shovel in the garage
Extension cord for the Jeep's block heater
Ready for its winter duties

But for now, we'll take Fall
With its rainy days and its trees shedding leaves
And we'll get ready for long evenings indoors
With good books
Old favourites and future favourites

The seasons come and go
My pet family and I are safe and snug
In our Logan Lake home
Our little home in the west.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Lanes of Bratton Fleming, Devon

Photo by Bridget Moore, Devon (c)

Living in Bratton Fleming was a joy
A quiet, safe, community
With countryside views from our home
Green rolling hills, scattered with trees
And silver streams running across narrow lanes

It's there I spent hours walking my dog
My dear spaniel, Topsy
She was full of joy
And her happiness at simple things was contagious
She'd wag her tail and her whole body in an ecstacy of excitement

In the spring time
When the wild flowers bloomed
It was a feast for the eyes
And we'd pause on our walk, down the lanes
And gaze across fields and meadows
At the bobbing daffodils
Or snowdrops
Or bluebells
Each season presenting a different kaleidoscope of colour

We'd walk the lanes, my dog and I
And I thought I'd never leave my beloved Devon

Fate had a different life in store for me, for a while
But I will return

My spaniel has passed away
And I have another dog to walk
And I can hardly wait to introduce
My Toffee dog to an English country lane
I know she'll love it

And together, we'll create our own
Special walks and places
Somewhere in Devon
I'm not sure where
But its gentle, rolling countryside
And flower filled fields
Are calling me home.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poor neglected feet!

Poor, neglected, feet
You take us miles every week
And we rarely pay you any attention

You're always there for us!
Surely you deserve a nice hot soak
Each night after a day of duty, carrying us around

How you'd love to be pampered
And cherished
And loved

I promise I'll pay you more attention from now on
After all, you're very hard-working
You deserve some soaking
And creaming
And massaging at night

See you later, then?
Well, how can I forget?
You'll remind me, right?
You'll ache and make me feel tired

But when I soak you in a warm bath
And rub you with foot moisturiser
You'll reward me with a feeling of contentment
As we fall asleep in our bed
My feet and I.